I close my eyes with guilt

I sleep with numbed heart

Wish I could have been there for you

I wake up with fear

Fear, of not knowing how you really felt

For I would never have the time to thank you properly

For your love, kindness and friendship

You left me with this sinking feeling I cannot describe

With the memories of you and I

That hold hostage of me every night

Some replaying like a beautiful movie

Us being lead characters

You were the precious rose

Inside my golden garden

With a scent that left

Unforgettable trails

Trails I now wish to follow

And lead me to where you at

Wish I could stop these tears

From falling from my eyes

But I cannot

Because remembering that I would never see your face

Butcher my heart into pieces

If we were to meet in my dreams

I would beg you to stay

I would beg you to give me one moment

To just be with you

To smile and laugh our last laughs’ at nothingness

To tease and praise each other

Like we always did

I would beg you to stay my friend

For one more chance to say goodbye

Keep sleeping so well P Girl

To my dearest lovely friend P, i wrote this poem the other day regretting how I may have not understood your pain maybe is because you smiled lot, so i thought you are okay, like you always said ” I am okay, Bonolo”.  Still trying to understand why you, such a strong soul more than I. Keep resting well, its been 5 years now. I dearly miss you friend. 😦