30 Facts About Me

Today my beloved i decided to write 30 facts about me, just for you to get to know me better.So here they are,
Please Do Enjoy 🙂
• My middle name is Bridget.
• My favourite fruits are pineapple and mango.
• I am a Virgo.
• I am not a sporty person.
• I am allergic to many things.
• Looking people in the eyes terrifies me.
• I hate bugs.
• I love dancing. I am really good at that, trust me . 🙂
• 9 is my favourite number. My birth month and birth day.
• I hardly ever wear earrings. I just find them uncomfortable
• I am really bad at public speaking.
• I love reading. It is the best thing ever. People who do not like to read have a big problem, I believe.
• One day I would like to take a horse ride or sky dive.
• My favourite meal would probably have to be maize meal “phaletshe” and serobe “ the insides of a cow or intestines” 🙂 they are pretty much tasteful.
• My favourite colour is black, just because.
• My favourite poem is…, actually I do not have one , but rather I have many favourites which I cannot begin to lone them out. Many beautiful poems have been written and are still being written or still to be written. I love well written things. I love the beautiful in which poetry holds, and over the past years i have read and found many beauties.Poetry is life  🙂
• When I am older I would like to be either a graphic designer, painter, or something that has to do is writing.
• My name middle name means “power, strength, vigor, virtue”
• My first name means “respectful, kind, loving,”
• I, still at 21 just do not want to be married nor have children.
• I don’t like fizzy drinks and… other things I can’t remember!
• I have many phobias one of being heights, waves and others
• I LOVE anything that is tasteful, according to my mouth.
• I’m really bad at conversations, rather I would prefer to stay muted, groupies are not my thing.
• Some of my favourite musicians are Florence + the Machine, London Grammar, Kimbra, SIA, Youth Lagoon, SZA, Daughter, Rihanna (I stan for this one #RihNavy 🙂 ), Birdy, Gypsy & the Cat, MS MR ,Of Monsters and Men, Nina Simone,Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Gotye, Jhene Aiko, Fun, Hozier and King Avriel . and of course many other greats.
• One of my favourite things to do is laughing at some of my past silly mistakes. I do have lots, sadly I do not have time single all them out.
• I do not like abbreviations.
• I love being inspired and motivated it is just the best feeling ever!
• I hate mushrooms. They taste awful .
• The smell of after rain is the scent of heaven to my nose.

So that is all.

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