Names                             Bonolo Bridget Nkoketsang

Gender                            Female

Born                                 09 September 1993

Zodiac sign                  Virgo

Nationality                   Motswana

Eye Colour                     Brown




Welcome World!

This blog was birthed on the 19th of August 2012, because the idea of sharing views , ideas and letting other people to give their own outlook on that certain issues, it is fascinating :). This is me getting started in learning new things , experimenting and exploring.

This blog sets a platform for me to challenge myself in how I see things, particularly the beauty of art akin to poetry, writing, reading, books, style and so forth. So all in all this blog is in relation to things that i do find interest in.

Once again, Bonolo welcomes you to her blog, hope to have incredible times with you.

With Love

B.  🙂



Sharing has always been one of the most incredible things. Hope you do agree on that. 🙂



When on earth I do get a chance.



I live in Gaborone, Botswana.




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