Game of Thrones : Gold Jewelry Challenge

Game of Thrones : Gold Jewelry Challenge

TFNC maxi gown
$115 –

Vintage art deco jewelry

Charm pendant

Juicy Couture cut out earrings
$51 –

One- Piece Cutout Swimsuit

One- Piece Cutout Swimsuit

Zimmermann swim swimwear

Mini handbag
$57 –

MANGO wool hat
$44 –

Nivea sun care
$12 –

Cotton beach towel
$42 –

Search and rescue

Inspirational, well written post. Beautiful!


My mother, when she was dying, said to me, “There are no wrong answers, Kris.”

She was speaking from the vantage point of someone who has nothing left to lose. Someone with the luxury of looking back on a life filled with worry about making the right choices and realizing, in the end, most of those choices become irrelevant.

I was torn between staying at her bedside and going back to Chicago to take care of my kids. I felt I did not have a choice. My kids needed me. I was the glue in our household. But my mother needed me also.

Recently, I was worrying about the right job, the right parenting, the right financial and life decisions. As I’m sure many of you do. Few of us are immune to trying to game the system for the best results.

choices, options, alternativesIn most situations, you can stay put until…

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