Magnificent, very well crafted.

The Questioning Way


I sat at the table earlier tonight
looking out the open sliding glass door.
A light outside lined up with the door frame
so that when I leaned a certain way,
it appeared to shine on both sides of the frame.
They call this an optical illusion because
the perception of two lights
when there is really only one depends upon
the way your brain-box processes the information
it receives from your two eyes.
Yet, to you the light appears to split into two beams.

For the same reason they say
rainbows are optical illusions because
they aren’t really there and you see them only because
your brain-box processes the refraction of light
off of raindrops in a certain way so there appears
to be a beautiful curve of colors off in the distant sky.

The secret my friends is that everything you see around you
all day long…

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