Hong Yi’s Art

This Is Not Something That I Usually Blog About, But I Do Have Strong Deep Mad Love For Art . Art Is Life For Me, Art Moves Me Just Like Poetry.

And Today My Beloved Fellow Bloggers I Introduce To You A Shanghai-based Artist  Hong Yi Know As “Red Hong,” An Artist- Architect Who Likes To Paint BUT Not With Paint Brush, She Use Sunflower Seeds, Socks, Food, Candles,Coffee Ring Stains,Tea Bags Just To….Mention A Few 🙂

















Image More About Her Work…..Visit Her Website http://www.redhongyi.com  You Will Be Totally Inspired Just Like Me, The World Needs More Of Her







2 thoughts on “Hong Yi’s Art

    • Bonolo says:

      🙂 Lol …That’s The Same Question I have Been Asking Myself, But I Do Think She Is Just Creating Those Dishes As A Portrait Of Her Work …Glad You Liked The Post,Thank You

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