Home Wrecker

She is heartless,merciless

Gold digger,go getter

Skanky with no scruples

At the same time harsh and a trash


Her actions are ruthless like of a being with no conscious

This is a kind lady who doesn’t let it go easily

She has a mission to attain

And as soon as her goals are achieved

her victims are dumped in cold


She is not here for marriage,love nor affliction

But she she here for money

And she will stay with him

as long as her bank balance is positive

Then she will vanish into thin air like she never existed

Because she is heartless,merciless

Gold digger, go getter

Skanky with no scruples

At the same time harsh and a trash



Bonolo’s Her Name

She is a daughter to her parents

A sister to her siblings

A friend to someone

And a cousin to some people

She is a fearer of pain and her worst weakness is trusting people

Her dreams are embedded in her heart

And one day she wishes to change the world and make it a better place


She is a lover of life,fashion and cars

She is so pretty,bubbly, funny ,funky

And tall like heaven stepladders

She has a sweet soft heart

that’s why she never leaves it open for people to break in


One thing i like about her

is that she is a pillar and backbone of her life

she owns her liberty and

determine her destiny because she knows whats best for her

her name is BONOLO